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Patty Gabilondo

Patty Gabilondo, President


Vice President / Membership

Laurie Matta, Treasurer

Laurie Matta


Cheryl Havlik, Vice President | Membership Chair

Cheryl Havlik

Teri Pfeffer, Recording Secretary | Club Historian

Teri Pfeffer

Recording Secretary and Club Historian

Teresa Cannon, Parliamentary Advisor

Teresa Cannon

Parliamentary Advisor

Carol Allison, Corresponding Secretary

Corresponding Secretary

Carol Allison

Our Community Service Program Team Leaders

Joanne Ogle, Arts & Culture Community Service Chair

Joanne Ogle

Arts & Culture CSP

General Federation of Women's Clubs

Coming Soon

 Civic Engagement & Outreach CSP

Ann Waddle, Education & Libraries Community Service Chair

Ann Waddle

Education & Libraries CSP

Barbara Beeman, Environment Community Service Chair

Barbara Beeman

Environment CSP

Mary Chapman, Health & Wellness community Service Chair

Mary Chapman

Health & Wellness CSP

Linda Farnum, Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention Chair

Linda Farnum

Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Chair 

Erin Platt, Child Advocacy Community Service Chair

Erin Platt

Child Advocacy Chair

Molly LaRocco, Publicity Chair

Molly LaRocco

Communications & Publicity Chair

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