Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

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Clarksville Women's Club Fundraiser


Help us meet our goal of collecting 2500 gently used or new pairs of shoes.  Shoes are collected every third Saturday of the month at 2 pm or arrangements may be made for pick up by calling (931) 645-2087 or messaging gfwcclarksville@gmail.com


Yellow DOT Program

Making a Difference

The Tennessee Yellow DOT Program is designed to provide first responders with an individual’s medical information in the event of an emergency on Tennessee’s roadways.  The information can mean the difference between life and death in the “Golden Hour” immediately following a serious incident.  The Clarksville Women's Club is a Tennessee Department of Transportation Yellow DOT Program Registration Facility.

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1st Night Bags

Doing What’s Needed

What is a first night bag?  A backpack, duffle bag or suitcase that symbolizes that kids coming into foster care are worth being treated with love and dignity. A first night bag is a bag that is gender and age appropriate that contains everything a child would need for an overnight stay such as underwear, socks, pajamas, diapers, wipes, a bottle, formula, blanket, toothbrush toothpaste, shampoo, a comb, notebook, pencil, stuffed animal or doll.

Who can receive that first night bag? Any child coming into foster care or changing homes to go to a new foster parent or to a group or residential home. The public are able to pack a bag that is gender and age specific for a child entering foster care.  Often, the first night is the hardest for a foster child. The child does not know where they will be sleeping and oftentimes arrive at their new foster placement with only the clothes on their back. Many times, the child doesn’t receive any other items (if they get any at all) until after the first 24- 48 hours. This leaves children without bare essentials.

With this heartbreaking issue in mind, Clarksville Women's Club developed an emergency kit called "CWC 1st Night Bags".   These bags are a luggage item filled with immediate necessities for children and teens entering into foster care. Children receiving one of our bags will have all of the essential items they will need to get through the first 24-48 hours, including a comfort item.

In order to continually be able to provide CWC 1st Night Bags, we hope to encourage our community, churches, local organizations and area businesses to engage in “drives” to help support, collect and provide the materials and items for our bags. 

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